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Help Shape Arts & Culture in Durango!

Arts and Culture Public Meeting

Wednesday, February 22nd
4:00 – 6:00 pm
Durango Public Library
1900 E 3rd Ave


Help Shape Durango’s Future!

Future Land Use Map Open House

Thursday, February 23rd
4:30 – 5:30 pm

Durango Recreation Center Windom Room
2700 North Main Avenue


Comp Plan Public Meeting

Thursday, February 23rd
6:00 – 8:00 pm

Durango Recreation Center Windom Room
2700 North Main Avenue


Productive August Community Forum

The Comprehensive Plan update shifted into high gear on the week of August 2, with consultants Michael Lauer and Tom Borrup facilitating a series of interviews and workshops. The interviews provided important background information on public services, utilities, mobility, sustainability, parks and recreation, the arts community, cultural assets and a variety of other topics. The workshops which are listed below with links to presentations where applicable, gave local stakeholders the chance to share their concerns and hopes for Durango with the consultant team.

The August 2nd Joint Workshop with the City Council, Planning Commission and Comp Plan Advisory Committee provided an overview of the planning process, the opportunity for participants to review currently adopted vision, values and guiding principle statements and the chance to comment on key issues to be addressed by the Plan.

The August 3rd Comp Plan Advisory Committee meeting provided more details about the need for the Plan, outlined the Committee’s responsibilities in the planning process and engaged more detailed discussion of Comp Plan issues.

The August 3rd Community Workshop introduced the public to the Plan update process; generated suggestions to revise the aspirations reflected in the Plan’s vision, values and guiding principles; began discussions of assets that will be critical to the new Plan element addressing arts and culture; and generated in-depth discussions of where and how the City should grow in the future. These latter discussions will be the basis for three growth scenarios that will be evaluated during the next three months of the process.

The August 4th Arts and Culture Working Group Meeting led to a lively discussion of the community’s arts and cultural assets, ways they contribute to the economy and quality of life, and some of the aspirations of the local arts community as well as potential roles the City of Durango could play to advance the work of the cultural sector.

The outcomes of these meetings and summaries of participant’s input will be posted on this website in the coming weeks. Be sure to register on this site to get notice of future opportunities to help shape Durango’s future.


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